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Top professionals in every discipline invest heavily in increasing their Know-How.

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They understand how important it is to invest in quality in order to improve the quality of their life.

To improve at anything, you must invest in developing the Know-How required

Singing is no different! This is why Philippe created The Four Activities of Singing the most comprehensive and modern singing education program available. 

Because Quality is Priceless, Philippe works exclusively with professional film producers, video editors & designers to ensure The Four Activities of Singing meets the highest industry standards of video & motion graphics to accelerate your learning & deepen your retention.

Elegant and straight to the point, our videos are visually appealing, rich in educational content, and follow an easy-to-understand format.

The Four Activities of Singing is designed to produce real results, creating efficient singing habits that last! 

Learn the facts about singing. Train your singing coordination. Maximize the efficiency of your vocal production. Learn the design of your bio-mechanical instrument - your voice. Develop the Know-How you need to become the Sound Designer of your voice. 

Enjoy singing like never before, with confidence and free from limitations.

To succeed at anything in life you must invest in yourself. The most valuable investments you make are investments in yourself.




Make the most powerful,

life-changing shift in your singing.

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