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Do you ever feel like you'll

NEVER be able to sing  the way you want to?

You're not alone. I haven't met a singer yet, pro or amateur, who hasn't felt this way at some point during their development. 

You will be able to sing the way you want to. Keep going.

Your coordination control isn't skillful enough - yet.


EVERY STYLE of singing - in fact EVERY SOUND you'll ever make - is a precise COMBINATION of the five fundamental coordinations of singing. 

How well you control each of these individually, determines how effectively you can combine them to create the sounds you want. 


is honing your skills on each of the Big 5 coordinations of singing.


Learning the Sound Design (formula) for mix, belt, falsetto, or singing styles like pop, rock, country, jazz, opera is extremely valuable for singers. 

Executing the formula is where the struggles and frustrations appear for singers.

If you're not skillful in the coordination of the Big 5, you can't combine them effectively to execute the sound design - it will fail. IMPORTANT There's nothing wrong with the formula. 


It's really quite simple. Singing Technique is nothing more than mastering the Big5 coordinations of singing.

Then you can combine them to create any Sound Design and


What Are the Big5 ?

Doesn't Matter Where You Start


We like to think linear - step by step - in a specific order. I'm no different. 

Your tongue tension issue could actually be your tongue trying to compensate for an inefficient embouchure, sub-optimal larynx position, incorrect pharyngeal shaping, lack of vocal fold control or even an imbalance in your air pressures. Improve those and your tongue tension may just disappear on it's own.


The Big 5 Are Linked

They are always working together. 

This is why when you improve one, you improve all.

During your singing the stronger coordinations often need to compensate for weakness in other areas. As soon as these are no longer compensating, they too benefit from your progress and the entire system becomes more efficient. 

As soon as you improve your air flow coordination you UNLOCK NEW ABILITIES and NEW POSSIBILITIES. 

Hello there!

I'm Philippe Hall

I’ve been working as a professional singer all around the world for 30 years.

28 countries and over 4,000 paid performances later, I’m hyper focussed on sharing my know-how with the next generation of singers.

 After coaching singers around the world for decades, I know what singers like you want. You want the Magic Recipe!  

You Can't Make an Omelette
Without Eggs.

I can tell you exactly how to do it step-by-step, and I will, BUT! without eggs - you'll never make an omelette.

This is why I created the Big5 coordinations of singing intensive training program. 

The Big5 are like the eggs! 
Your singing is your omellette.

I asked my clients, community, and followers to help me design an invaluable intensive training program that gave them what they needed most. 

A program to benefit singers immediately and upgrade their abilities permanently.

Here's what we've
come up with!

• Focus on one or two Coordinations at a time
• Train only these two coordinations
• A detailed presentation on the mechanics of how it works
• Live group coaching
• Live group exercises
• Live personal feedback
• Provide a training routine
• Apply exercises to songs
• Log practice and progress
• Record song in the beginning and at the end to experience results 
• Private community app for group support
• Community activities
• Encourage and celebrate individual progress.


 During this intensive training, we'll work on all of the following coordinations to empower you to



June 8 - July 6, 2024


11 AM - 3:30 PM [ET] GMT -04:00
How - Why - What

Theoretical classes to teach you the bio-mechanical design of your voice.


• What the moving parts are
• How they impact your sound
• Why they work the way they do


• use them to you advantage
• train your skill level
• increase your efficiency
• find more ease in your singing
• sing anything you want


3 PM - 6 PM [ET] GMT-04:00
Training - Q&A - Coaching

Group training to keep you on point.


• Exercises together as a group
• Applying what you've learned


• Answers to all your questions
• Guidance to hone your skills
• Professional coaching 
• Personal Feedback
• Additional insights
• Encouragement and support
• Weekly Exercise Routine

All Classes Recorded

Can't attend a class? No worries! Review every class
as often as you like in your on-demand online library.


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Limited Availability

  • 35 hrs instruction
  • Four Week Intensive Training
  • Private Community
  • Group Training
  • Individual Feedback
  • Daily Practice Routines
  • One Month Course Library Access
  • Four week membership "the ViBE" private singing community



Limited Availability

  • 35 hrs Live Instruction
  • Four Week Intensive Training
  • Private Community
  • Group Training
  • Individual Feedback
  • Daily Practice Routines
  • One Month Course Library Access
  • Four week membership "the ViBE" private singing community
  • 3 Months Course Library Access ($60 value)
  • 20 min Private Coaching Session ($75 value)
  • 6 Month Membership "the ViBE" private singing community ($120 value)
  • Total Value $712
  • You Save $255



Limited Availability

  • 35 hrs instruction
  • Four Week Intensive Training
  • Private Community
  • Group Training
  • Individual Feedback
  • Daily Practice Routines
  • One Month Course Library Access
  • Four week membership "the ViBE" private singing community
  • Lifetime Access to this Big5 Air Flow + Vocal Fold intensive training. ($150 value)

  • 4x 60min 1:1 Personal Coaching with Philippe Hall ($600 value)

  • Three Months All Access Pass to All my Online Courses ($350)

  • One Year the ViBE private singing community membership ($239)

  • Big5 Intensive Air Flow + Vocal Folds ($397) 

  • My course Professional Practice Technique. Maximize your time and results! ($50)

    Total Value: $1786

    You Save $789


How do people feel about this program?

Jack Curtis

I highly recommend the Big5 "isolation" training of the technical components of singing! After several years of exercise training with another coach, I honestly didn't have a clue what I was doing. After working with Philippe, I now have the ability to isolate all Big5 coordinations. I have experienced how these gradual changes allow me to make the vocal sound(s) I'd always been dreaming of. The better I get at the Big5, the easier singing becomes.

I didn't expect that. 

Lande Jr

I have to share this! I was struggling in the beginning with these exercises. I followed Philippe's instructions and kept on going. Suddenly I reached a C5 and C#5. My max before was F#4. It's not perfect - but it is's there! I didn't expect this to happen so quickly.

I'm amazed!

David Andruch

Working with Philippe on my Big5 coordinations has revealed just how tightly they were fused together - severely limiting my singing. Finally, I found my natural resonance! Now, I'm able to use the Big5 to color and stylize my sound. I've never been able to sing this free before. I've tried famous teacher's courses (I won't name who - makes me so angry), they really messed me up for years. Philippe is my man because -

What he says works. 

Rogan Rogers

I had no Big5 coordinations when I met Philippe. I only had a Big 1, "Squeeze and Hope for the Best"! My throat was so tight when I started with Philippe, everything was uncomfortable. I didn't like the sound of my high notes at all (didn't really have any to speak of) and they hurt. Finding my Big5 coordinations has been the most exciting vocal development of my singing songwriting career - and I've taken lessons from all kinds of well known coaches. Any success I have going forward -

it's ALL thanks to Philippe.

Evana Lee

Here's my story. Four months ago, I'd completely lost my voice. I was in pain and couldn't sing at all. Philippe helped me recover my voice, taught me how to rebuild my ability - I have no pain at all now - and restored my self confidence and my dreams of a singing career. 

Just 3 months later I recorded and released my first single. My vocal power is back and it's here to stay.

Thank you!

Christine Woods

Now, I sing for the joy of it. It wasn't always like that. It used to be intimidating and I did not feel comfortable. I love working with Philippe. I literally throw a new song at him every week. Some Metal, some Adele, classic Country, Pop, Gospel Rock... I've learned how to mix, to belt, to find my head voice, to flip back and forth between registers, and sing multiple styles. I love my singing. It just keeps getting better.  

Big5 to Philippe!

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