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Even as an in demand professional singer working around the globe for 30 years straight, I experienced costly mistakes, frustrations & setbacks. Most of my professional colleagues expressed the same sentiment, "I feel there is one thing I'm missing. If I could discover the key to fix that one thing holding me back, my voice would finally be completely free."
What started as a quest to optimize my own singing & advance my career, developed into a system that has helped thousands of singers around the world step into the singer they really are and confidently show up in their lives like never before.


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 Philippe Hall is joined by the World's leading Vocal Experts to reveal their secrets to you.

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"Philippe is to Vocal Education what Einstein is to physics. I'm dead serious check out his credentials.”

M. Hastings | USA

"I’m getting 1000% more out of this investment than I did from my 4 year university degree

E. Franco | USA

"Philippe teaches you the voice that YOU are looking for. This coaching is a game-changer!”

Thomas Pedrono | France

"Philippe teaches you technique that works instantly. You don't just learn singing, you understand singing.”

E. Hamdi | Germany

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