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Interview & Personal Coaching with
Philippe Hall, founder of Singing Revealed,
& Gregory West YouTube influencer

"For me, YOUR development is personal!"

Even as an in demand professional singer working around the globe for 30 years straight, I experienced costly mistakes, frustrations & setbacks. Most of my professional colleagues expressed the same sentiment, "I feel there is one thing I'm missing. If I could discover the key to fix that one thing holding me back, my voice would finally be completely free."
What started as a quest to optimize my own singing & advance my career, developed into a system that has helped thousands of singers around the world step into the singer they really are and confidently show up in their lives like never before: The Four Activities of Singing.


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"Philippe is to Vocal Education what Einstein is to physics. I'm dead serious check out his credentials.”

M. Hastings | USA

"Philippe teaches you the voice that YOU are looking for. This coaching is a game-changer!”

Thomas Pedrono | France


"The Four Activities of Singing"

Emotional Layering

"The Most Neglected Skill In Singing." - Philippe Hall

The true power of your singing lies in your ability to touch the hearts of your audience. You could learn to sing technically perfect, pitch perfect. Without Emotional Layering your singing will have no power! This is the most powerful technique you can learn to improve everything about your singing instantly: Emotional Layering.

Dynamic Movement Potential

"When Motion Stops, Singing Stops."  - Philippe Hall

You know instantly when you're singing right because it feels effortless & sounds glorious. Free Your Voice & Learn how to Eliminate Tension, Constriction, Tightness & Strain with these new innovative techniques in: Dynamic Movement Potential.

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Airflow Control

"Nothing is more fundamental in singing, than Airflow Control" - Philippe Hall

Instantly improve your Vocal Sound Quality. These seemingly magical exercises activate your natural coordination. No more guessing! Consistent, Repeatable Results. Learn to self-monitor & ask yourself the right questions. Experience the True Vocal Freedom you've always dreamed of in: Airflow Control

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Sound Design

"Ask your voice to do what it's designed to do & it will work perfectly every time - no exceptions." - Philippe Hall

Sing Any Style & Create Your Vocal Identity. Your voice is a bio-mechanical instrument. It can only produce sound according to its design. Understand these parameters & you are in complete control. Become the Sound Designer of your own voice with: Sound Design

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"I’m getting 1000% more out of this investment than I did from my 4 year university degree

E. Franco | USA

"Philippe teaches you technique that works instantly. You don't just learn singing, you understand singing.”

E. Hamdi | Germany

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