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Renowned international vocal coach, invites you to feel and enjoy the ViBE within our singing community. Here we focus on creating a safe environment and fostering collaboration, in order to accelerate learning and personal growth. Join us. 



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Singing is Your Passion 


It lights you up from the inside. You love learning new songs, new styles, pushing yourself to expand your range.

You can’t wait to get up on that stage and feel your vibrato effortlessly soar to the audience member on the very back row. 

You’re a singer.

And yet lately, it just hasn’t been the same.

Maybe you …

🤷 Want people to hear you on social, but it’s way too intimidating trying to do it alone.

🤷 Have been trying forever to increase your range – one tiny ½ step isn’t too much to ask, right? – but you still can’t figure out why you always crack on that one note.

🤷 Know there’s a beautiful singing community out there, but you wonder if you even have anything to offer.

🤷 Something isn’t feeling right in your throat, and hitting notes you used to have no problem with suddenly seem like running a marathon. Now you're starting to dread and even avoid practicing. 

What if  something better is just around the corner? 

Something better for you and your voice.

 Imagine what it would be like to... 

🎙️ Have an instant, supportive community of 100 fans just waiting to cheer you on. Every single week.

🎙️ Actually know if you’re warming up and singing correctly.

🎙️ No longer waste precious practice time sifting through all the content on social media, wondering which advice is even right for you.

🎙️ Discover that one missing piece is in your auditions – and exactly how to fix it – so that next time you walk in with the confidence of a seasoned performer.

🎙️ Finally have the guts to put your voice out there belting your favorite song. And then waking up to find you just went viral.

🎙️ Find a quick but solid answer to that frustrating enduring question:
Why can’t I hit that note?

🎙️ See the life-changing, A-ha moment on your friend’s face when something you suggest helps them solves a vocal problem they’ve been struggling with forever.

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Change the world, one voice at a time.

Hi, I’m Philippe Hall, and I’ve been working as a professional singer all around the world for 30 years.

28 countries and over 4,000 paid performances later, I’m hyper focussed on sharing my know-how with the next generation of singers.

Why? Because it's my purpose. If you are one of the thousands of singers out there thinking, "It shouldn't be this hard. There's got to be a better way!", You're absolutely right. There is - the ViBE community.

Join the ViBE

When my students increase their vocal abilities, I’ve seen their lives transform completely. Because...

a stronger voice means more vocal freedom. And as a singer, more vocal freedom means

🎵  More confidence in your daily life

🎵 An increase in your positive influence on others

Becoming a better singer can even improve your quality of living. I’ve seen this happen time and again, and it’s why...

My mission is to “Change the world, one voice at a time.”

But here’s something else I’ve seen – transforming your life through singing requires a community. One that thrives on inspiration, growth, and positivity. 

I can’t do this alone. I need people like you. Singers who are committed to making a positive difference in their own lives while helping others do the same. 

So if you’ve been searching for a community that’s waiting to help you make your singing dreams a reality...

I’ve got good news.


the ViBE
A private singing community

The supportive, inspiring, singing community created for passionate singers like you.

A safe place to grow, to learn, to share, to discuss, to encourage ... to ViBE.

find your Voice
share your Passion

V = Vibration > The source and frequency of sound. How you’re able to connect with people.

I = Intelligence > Expanding your perspective. Growing your understanding through education.

B = Being > Being your authentic true self. Owning your immeasurable value. Being true to your voice.

E = Energy > Sound is energy in motion. Communicate your energetic positivity with the world. 


Enjoy helping less experienced singers as well as learning from other singers who are more advanced than you and who are willing to help you understand what worked for them.


Leading experts will join a private, weekly Zoom call with VIBE members to answer your questions, teach, and coach you on cutting-edge vocal techniques.


Personal coaching and live Q&A support with Philippe Hall ensuring personal guidance.


People like you, who want to support and inspire, not drag you down.


Discuss with the group and suggest guest speakers, topics, and product reviews. You get to help design the content.


Get answers to your vocal questions now … in a supportive environment that won’t shame you for not knowing everything.

🎶 the ViBE APP

A dedicated ViBE app just for you. Post questions, status, suggestions and more.


Photos and videos of yourself singing for group encouragement and feedback.


Access to the complete online archive of all Singing Revealed podcasts, Q&A coaching calls with special guests, and private livestreams.

🎶  Plus, ViBE members get a 10% DISCOUNT on all Singing Revealed online courses, and intensives.  🎶

I want to join the ViBE

Everything in the ViBE community aligns with what we as singers stand for.


Safe space for vocal growth and expansion.
So you never have to worry about plateauing.

Focused learning and guidance in application.
So you know you’ve actually been practicing correctly.

Encouragement and feedback.
Get answers from trusted vocal professionals.

New singing challenges and activities.
Grow your confidence as you push yourself and improve.

Friendship across borders and methodologies.
Get support and inspiration collaborating with peers and professionals from around the world exposing you to new and innovative singing methods you'd never find locally.

No more confusion scanning for answers on YouTube. 
We got you! The ViBE community is designed to guide you, answer your questions and provide you with clarity.
How quickly could you land the role of your dreams
if all this became a reality for you?

Is ViBE right for you?

 If you’re a singer who …

Is a beginner who wants to learn from more experienced singers.

Is already experienced but you want your questions answered without having to mine the internet.

Wants to avoid common mistakes by benefiting from experienced singers who have already been down that path.

Is ready to invest in an affordable, monthly singing community.

Frequently runs into problems you don’t know how to fix yourself.

Is looking for community support, and in turn to help and encourage other singers

 the ViBE is for you.

Join the ViBE today!

Ready to unlock your voice and connect with fellow artists in a
community that celebrates vocal growth and exploration? Let’s make music!




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  • Personal Guidance
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  • Post and Share
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"People used to tell me my voice was too weak for belt. Not anymore! Best decision ever. You changed my life."

Stasha P.

"The most valuable intensive training events I've ever attended. My singing is better now than ever before."

Falconer A.

"Philippe is a wizard. What he says works like magic! Can't wait for the next session."

Jay I.

"Brilliant! Each class is inspiring, such a joy to participate. Everybody is so supportive..."

Janet W.

"I get so much out of rewatching past sessions. Love this feature." 

Cay B.

"I love working with Philippe. His online programs produce incredible results."

Chris O.

Love your first month or it’s on us.

At Singing Revealed, our philosophy is rooted in vocal passion and active participation.

We’re so sure you’re going to love the ViBE community that if you’re not happy with your first month, it’s on us. Freedom is key — cancel anytime, no strings attached.

Still wondering if ViBE is right for you?

Check out these FAQs …

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Professional training at your fingertips

For a small monthly subscription fee, you get professional training so you can sing your heart out with the confidence of a professional singer. With ViBE, you gain knowledge and clarity about what’s going on in your voice so that you know what to do the next time your voice feels tight or sore.

Why join a singing community? Because sometimes you never see your potential until someone else points it out.

With the ViBE community on your side, your vocal potential is limitless.

Discover my potential with ViBE