Hi, I'm Philippe


For me, your development is personal. I can’t wait to help you maximize your potential.


After graduating with my BFA, Music Dance Theater from BYU, I started to work in Germany as a professional artist. From there, I've performed non-stop for 30 years as a professional singer, actor, dancer, voice-over recording artist. It was important for me to pursue my education so I earned 2 more degrees from 2 other different countries. A Master of Music in Voice Performance Opera from Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany & Master Voice Pedagogy in Contemporary Singing Styles from CVI in Denmark. 


I created and founded Singing Revealed to reveal the truth about singing by sharing knowledge across borders and methodologies. This knowledge needs to be available to singers everywhere in the world. I understand how difficult it can be - even as a professional singer - to find the answers & solutions you need. I want you to experience the life-changing difference it will make in your voice. I want you to break through your personal vocal limits and reach your full singing potential the fast way, the right way, the healthy way. 


Now I help people just like you find vocal freedom. Through online education, I can help you make your own impact on the world around you. Whether you’ve never sing before or you are just looking to perfect your singing technique, I look forward to taking this creative journey together.

Philippe is a sought after speaker & teacher at

international educational events for voice teachers & singers.

"Philippe is one of the hardest working performers I know.

I have had the pleasure of performing with him, as well as working with him on a more technical level. I believe his students would benefit from his years of performance experience, his foreign language skills, his many styles of dance and his solid vocal technique. I believe he would be a valued asset to any institution."


-Erin Caves, USA

A Wagnerian Helden-Tenor, Erin is a regular guest artist in some of Europe's most prestigious Theaters... Stuttgart, Berlin, Barcelona...​ Erin's nickname in our production was "The Voice". He is a wonderful colleague and I am a huge fan of his vocal and performance ability. 





" Philippe is a true multi-talent!

His versatility has enabled him to perform leading roles in musical, opera & operetta, as well as working as an actor or a dancer in various genres."


- Melissa King, USA

Melissa continues to be one of the most sought after choreographer / directors in all of Europe.


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Philippe is fluent in and teaches in English, German & French

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