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Break Your Personal Vocal Limits & Reach Your True Singing Potential

break your personal vocal limits & reach your true singing potential Nov 15, 2021
Break Your Personal Vocal Limits & Reach Your True Singing Potential Singing Revealed Philippe Hall The Four Activities of Singing

Hello Singers!

I’ve created Singing Revealed for one purpose: To Reveal the truth about singing by sharing knowledge across borders and methodologies - to change the world of singing one voice at a time.

This knowledge needs to be available to singers everywhere in the world.

I understand how difficult it can be - even as a professional singer - to find the answers & solutions you need.

I sincerely want you to have this knowledge. I want you to experience the life-changing difference it will make in your voice. 

I want you to break through your personal vocal limits and reach your full singing potential the fast way, the right way, the healthy way. 

I'm going to share with you the most cutting-edge singing techniques, tricks, and know-how I've developed as a professional singer & educator during the past 30 years.  

I have been exactly where you are. I know exactly how you feel. I know exactly how you will feel after you have received and applied the knowledge and techniques contained in this course, The Four Activities of Singing

You will feel liberated. You will feel deeply satisfied & happy. You will feel empowered & absolutely confident about your singing.

This course is for singers everywhere. This course is for you.

- Philippe Hall



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