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It's Time to Change the Way You Think About Singing & Become Your Own Personal Expert Vocal Coach!

it's time to change the way you think about singing & become your own personal expert vocal coach! Dec 01, 2021
It's Time to Change the Way You Think About Singing & Become Your Own Personal Expert Vocal Coach! Singing Revealed Philippe Hall The Four Activities of Singing

How will The Four Activities of Singing transform your singing?

Change the way you think about singing.

How you think about singing is how you sing. Singing is a purely thought-controlled activity. In order to improve your singing, you must expand your knowledge and understanding of how singing works. 

Discover the anatomy of vocal production. Understand how vocal sound is produced. Comprehend how the muscles coordinating your singing work. Learn how the moving parts within your vocal tract & larynx synchronize in different combinations to produce every vocal sound, singing style, and musical genre. Become familiar with the design parameters of your Bio-Mechanical instrument. Use this knowledge to navigate smoothly between sounds, registers, volume levels & pitches. Understand how to sing anything you want and design your personal vocal sound.

Transform your vocal performance.

Applying your expanded knowledge correctly improves your vocal production activities. Efficient coordination of all moving parts involved in your singing is trainable - anybody can learn how to do it! 

Learn how to apply your new singing knowledge and improve your singing ability. Understand the purpose, function, and results of training-specific singing coordinations. Benefit from proven techniques & exercises that train & develop multiple coordinations simultaneously. Reach incredible efficiency levels through guided targeting and training of each skill one layer at a time. Accelerate your progress using clear guidelines to bypass guesswork and avoid wasting precious time. Observe clear and precise demonstrations of how to apply this knowledge. Comprehend the why & how to master the precise coordinations you need in order to specifically target & achieve the results you’re after. 

Become your own personal expert vocal coach.

You must become your own qualified, expert personal trainer. No one can get inside of your body to move and coordinate your voice for you. You are the master of your singing. You need to learn how to coach yourself.

Learn to ask the right Self Monitoring questions. Understand how to evaluate your execution correctly. Discover how to observe and guide all coordinations involved during the activities of singing. Develop multiple layers of skill and control for every activity you train by challenging yourself using the most important, relevant questions for each specific coordination. Observe your self-monitoring ability shift over time into auto-pilot naturally, guiding every step of your singing subconsciously.

Make the most powerful,

life-changing shift in your singing.

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