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The 4 Activities of Singing 

Comprehensive online singing courses


Using modern science & learning techniques proven to accelerate your learning, deepen your retention and develop your Singing Know-How, Philippe Hall has created the most comprehensive online singing course available today.

When you learn how to synch the Four Activities of Singing, you can sing any genre, any style, anything you want.


Emotional Layering

"The Most Neglected Skill In Singing." - Philippe Hall

The true power of your singing lies in your ability to touch the hearts of your audience. You could learn to sing technically perfect, pitch perfect - Without Emotional Layering your singing will sound hollow. This is perhaps the most effective technique you can learn to improve everything about your singing - INSTANTLY!

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Airflow Control


"Nothing is more fundamental in singing, than Airflow Control" - Philippe Hall

Instantly improve your Vocal Sound Quality. These seemingly magical exercises activate your natural coordination. No more guessing! Consistent, Repeatable Results. Learn to self-monitor & ask yourself the right questions. Experience the True Vocal Freedom you've always dreamed of.


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Dynamic Movement Potential



"When Motion Stops, Singing Stops."  - Philippe Hall

You know instantly when you're singing right because it feels effortless & sounds glorious. Free Your Voice & Learn how to Eliminate Tension, Constriction, Tightness & Strain with these new innovative techniques.


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Sound Design 


"Ask your voice to do what it's designed to do & it will work perfectly every time - no exceptions." - Philippe Hall

Sing Any Style & Create Your Vocal Identity. Your voice is a bio-mechanical instrument. It can only produce sound according to its design. Understand these parameters & you are in complete control. Become the Sound Designer of your own voice.

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The 4 Activities of Singing |Bundle Offer

Full access of all 4 courses.

Learn to synchronize The 4 Activities of Singing & experience the life-changing results that come with true vocal freedom.

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6 monthly installments

" Finally!  An Effective Online Tool to Song Interpretation! I strongly recommend ALL singers to take this course!

Philippe gives you his heart & soul. He doesn't hold back & shares his mountains of knowledge! This is never an easy topic to deliver. I've attended trainings & seen many presentations on this subject around the world. I'm super impressed by this course, it's usability & the effectiveness of the methods presented here! "


- Aramat Arnheim Sharon, Israel

Vocologist (NCVS), Founder Israeli Voice Center. Certified IVS, SLS, ViP instructor. 
Former Head of Education ViP. Vocal Coach, Singer Songwriter


" Philippe has successfully combined method & science into an easy to understand, highly effective, result producing program.

Philippe's knowledge of the voice is legendary. He has something to offer to everyone. "


- Ole Rasmus Møller, Denmark

Certified CVT, MVT, ViP instructor. Song interpretation specialist.
Coach. Professional Actor, Singer, Musical Performer.


This course is smart, professional, precise, organized, and very open-minded towards singers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Working with Philippe and his content is amazing!  The Live Masterclasses have truly helped me improve and refine my singing techniques. It's amazing to watch Philippe help so many different types of singers progress instantly - whether acoustic, jazz, pop, rock, or metal singers. I'm very happy. 100% satisfied. No regrets. "


- Sammantha Emme, Italy

X Factor contestant 2009-2010. Singer, Songwriter, Producer.


" I can feel myself creating new habits.

This course is awesome!  I'm super excited about everything I'm learning. It's really helping me a lot. This course is so different from other courses. I love the use of motion graphics. It makes the videos exciting to look at and keeps me as a viewer really engaged. Younger generations with short attention spans are gonna love this modern feel. "


- Kyle Stencell, Canada

Digital content creator

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