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Andy Kuntz

"Philippe is a stand out performer with extraordinary vocal ability and an extravagant stage presence. He has the rare ability to give each character he portrays a very unique quality without it appearing (for the audience) too far from the so called mainstream. He is empathetic and extremely professional. These qualities make him a natural role model and example for other artists. I have seen Philippe perform in Opera, Musical as well as cast him in my Rock Operas. I have sung with him on and back stage and discussed and applied his suggestions and vocal technical tips. I respect him as a singer and would recommend him as a coach to anybody who wants to improve their singing ability - regardless of genre!"

Andy is the Lead Singer, lyricists and co-composer of the Prog-Metal band Vanden Plas. Together they have released 11 albums. They have written and performed five rock operas and are currently working on their sixth production. Andy is a regular guest artists and leading man in various rock shows and musicals.

Florence Kazumba

"I enjoyed performing together with Philippe very much. He is a very pleasant, positive person with a great sense of humor. He enriches every ensemble through his open mindedness and absolutely professional work ethic - a real team player. Philippe has never stopped sharpening his artistic skill set. He is in every sense of the word a "Triple Threat." I appreciate him very much and am very happy that he is willing to pass on his knowledge and abilities to the next generation."​

Florence is an amazing performer and one of the best examples of being true to oneself I have ever witnessed. 

Melissa King

"I have known and worked with Philippe for over ten years. I have seen him perform in numerous productions as well. He is a true multi-talent, excelling as an actor, singer and dancer. His versatility has enabled him to perform leading and supporting roles in musical, opera & operetta, as well as working as an actor or a dancer in various genres. He approaches everything with dedication, commitment, zeal and love. He is passionate about everything he undertakes, and this passion becomes contagious in a working environment. His level of professionalism, collegiality and his humility make him an exemplary cast member.

He is a wonderful asset to any creative production: a true "team player" who understands the importance of a symbiotic relationship between direction, choreography, music and performing. His vast knowledge of virtually every Musical Theater style is invaluable."

Melissa continues to be one of the most sought after choreographer / directors in all of Europe. She is tenacious, brilliant, inspiring, the embodiment of prepared - in short one of the most amazing people you"ll ever encounter. 

Milica Jovanović

"The first time we worked together I was just starting my career as a singer. Mr. Hall supported me with my first steps as a professional colleague and showed me how I could successfully manage such a big production as ChirstO. He helped me with especially difficult phrases as well as interpretation and gave me technical tips for my singing. He showed me how I could give my role more depth as an actress and make my character stronger. He supported me as the pressure of my first big production threatened to overwhelm me. When I heard that Mr. Hall was planning to extend his coaching to the professional academic level, I was very excited. As a colleague he’d already acted as a mentor for me and I believe that many young singer / performers will deeply benefit from his abilities."

Milica has since become one of the most sought after leading ladies in the European Musical business. Mili is one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met. She is a joy to be around on and off stage. She shares her light and talent freely.

Matthias Davids

"I know Philippe from our numerous collaborations as a highly qualified, multi-facetted performer at home in the Opera as well as in Musical (e.g. Merry Widow, West Side Story, Strike Up The Band, South Pacific...)​

He always strives for perfection. Great love and dedication for each role no matter the production is his hallmark. He is a team player whose example has inspired young and experienced colleagues alike. Always striving to better himself, he remains positively self critical and reflective, aware of and sensitive to the needs of his co-workers and dedicated to giving his best to the task at hand.

I can full heartedly recommend him as a performer and a pedagogue alike."

Matthias serves as artistic director for the most prestigious Musical Repertoire Company in Europe. In addition he is a highly sought after cross over director for Oper - Musical. His positive expectation of one's best effort and supportive anticipation of one's individual creative ability inspire you to be and give your best at every rehearsal - at every performance.

Erin Caves

"Philippe Clark Hall is one of the hardest working performers I know. I have had the pleasure of performing with him, as well as working with him on a more technical level. I believe his students would benefit from his years of performance  experience, his foreign language skills, his many styles of dance and his solid vocal technique. I believe he would be a valued asset to any institution."

A Wagnerian Helden-Tenor, Erin is a regular guest artist in some of Europe's most prestigious Theaters... Stuttgart, Berlin, Barcelona...​

Erin's nickname in our production was "The Voice". He is a wonderful colleague and I am a huge fan of his vocal and performance ability. 

Lynne Hockney

"Philippe is a talented & collegiate member of a cast. His professionalism, tenacity & sense of humour make him a joy to work with. His stage presence, vocal agility & acting ability make him a favourite with any audience & his kindness & care to younger members of a cast is without question an asset to all. I have no hesitation in recommending Philippe."

Lynne has choreographed blockbusters like Titanic  & True Lies, been a coach to many Hollywood stars and continues to direct and choreograph on leading Opera stages around the globe.​


One of the highlights of the past few years was working with and getting to know Lynne. Very much looking forward to our next collaboration.

Christopher Hemmans

"Philippe has to be one of the strongest performers that I've ever had the honor of working with. He is the quintessential example of the term 'All-arounder'. Respectively an 'All around' performer. In my opinion the world needs people with his skills and knowledge of technique (theoretical and practical) to pass on the valuable knowledge and experience he has to share to the next generation of performers. Respectively...young artists."

Singer / Dancer / Actor / Yoga Master / Inspirational / Loyal 

Rob Fowler

"I had the pleasure to work alongside Philippe, and I have to honestly say - he is one of the most professional, passionate, dedicated and talented performers that I know. He will stop at nothing to reach his goals and the performance level needed for every character he encounters."

A leading man in West End and German speaking Musicals since 2000, Rob still finds time to manage a successful career as a singer / song writer / composer. Perhaps one of the hardest working men I know. Clear in his focus and generous in his friendship.