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Look, it's not your fault. You’ve been practicing, putting in the hours, doing what teachers, influencers, courses told you to do, right? So why isn’t your voice working!!??

It’s normal for you to be feeling frustrated and a bit - OK - seriously ticked off because your voice is still not working & you’ve spent time & money on courses & coaches, and so much energy practicing. 

That voice in your head is telling you, “Singing is just too hard. It’s not meant for me. Some people can just do it and never have to work?. I’ll never be able to sing the way I want to. It’s not worth it any more. I should stop wasting my time! Give it up! ”

Please, whatever you do, do not give up on your own personal singing dream!  

I GET IT. Singing can be incredibly frustrating and aggravating when it’s not working. Especially when you don’t know why? Why? Why!


I’ve helped people go from:

- unable to sing a single note without cracking to elite Voice Performance Major in less than a year. 

- unemployed for 6 years to full time professional singing career in 6 months

- never had a singing lesson to US National voice competition winner in 3 years

- no voice to full voice in 30min

- pain, discomfort & hoarseness while singing to singing 2-3 hour gigs with live band

- never sung in public to releasing their own album, producing videos & going on tour

Don’t give up on your dream! The solutions & answers you need do exist. You’re just not aware of them right now. You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Time for an upgrade! 


Your Time is Now



  • Replace Confusion with Clarity
  • Increase Vocal Efficiency 
  • Accelerate Your Progress
  • Enjoy Consistency 
  • Feel Confident 
  • Sing Any Style You Want 

                                with Philippe Hall

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" Finally!  An Effective Online Tool to Song Interpretation! I strongly recommend ALL singers to take this course!

Philippe gives you his heart & soul. He doesn't hold back & shares his mountains of knowledge! This is never an easy topic to deliver. I've attended trainings & seen many presentations on this subject around the world. I'm super impressed by this course, it's usability & the effectiveness of the methods presented here! "


- Aramat Arnheim Sharon, Israel

Vocologist (NCVS), Founder Israeli Voice Center. Certified IVS, SLS, ViP instructor. 
Former Head of Education ViP. Vocal Coach, Singer Songwriter



" Philippe has successfully combined method & science into an easy to understand, highly effective, result producing program.

Philippe's knowledge of the voice is legendary. He has something to offer to everyone. "


- Ole Rasmus Møller, Denmark

Certified CVT, MVT, ViP instructor. Song interpretation specialist.
Coach. Professional Actor, Singer, Musical Performer.



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You'll learn

  • Natural Breathing Technique
  • Eliminate Tightness & Tension
  • Sing Pain Free
  • Improve Your Sound Quality
  • Expand Your Range
  • Solve Cracks & Breaks
  • Recipe for Easy Belting
  • Secrets of Mix-Voice
  • Sing with Real Emotion

Making the proper adjustments makes all the difference. I’ll show you how, step-by-step, in The 4 Activities of Singing.

This cutting-edge online course will show you step-by-step how to upgrade every element of your singing. Starting with how you practice, you’ll experience everything about your voice changing and watch yourself transform day by day into the singer you were always meant to be.


Learn proven exercises, why you need them & how professionals use them to improve their own singing. Through simple shifts in your understanding & mindset your singing will transform and your voice will stand out!


Learn to unlock your own emotions, to connect to your subconscious - instinctive knowledge of how the voice works and imbues your voice with real emotion. You'll get:

  • Hours of Easy-To-Follow motion graphic lesson videos 
  • Worksheets step by step "How To" instructions
  • Before & After demo videos with real singers. Watch full coaching session

When you finish this course, you will sing better, you will sound better, you will connect powerfully with your audience. 


Learn how we are designed to breathe and how our airflow creates sound. Develop and master the coordinations you need to be in control in your singing. Your life is about to get much easier!

  • Hours of Easy-To-Follow motion graphic lesson videos 
  • Exercises: basic-intermediate-advanced
  • Life Coaching videos

One of the immediate results you get from this course is a significant improvement of your sound quality.


Learn how to develop efficient muscle memory to create optimal singing habits. You will also learn to recognize vocal tightness, tension & constriction when they happen and how to eliminate them for good. You'll get:

  • Hours of Easy-To-Follow motion graphic lesson videos 
  • Exercises & Techniques
  • Tricks & Tips

After this course, you'll experience the freedom & ease in your singing you've been searching for.


Sing any style & create your vocal identity. Your voice is a bio-mechanical instrument. It can only produce sound according to its design. Understand these parameters & you are in complete control. Become the Sound Designer of your own voice.


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Hi! I'm Philippe


For me, your development is personal. I can’t wait to help you maximize your potential.

After graduating with my BFA, Music Dance Theater from BYU, I started to work in Germany as a professional artist. From there, I've performed non-stop for 30 years as a professional singer, actor, dancer, voice-over recording artist. It was important for me to pursue my education so I earned 2 more degrees from 2 other different countries. A Master of Music in Voice Performance Opera from Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany & Master Voice Pedagogy in Contemporary Singing Styles from CVI in Denmark. 

I created and founded Singing Revealed to reveal the truth about singing by sharing knowledge across borders and methodologies. This knowledge needs to be available to singers everywhere in the world. I understand how difficult it can be - even as a professional singer - to find the answers & solutions you need. I want you to experience the life-changing difference it will make in your voice. I want you to break through your personal vocal limits and reach your full singing potential the fast way, the right way, the healthy way. 

Now I help people just like you find vocal freedom. Through online education, I can help you make your own impact on the world around you. Whether you’ve never sung before or you are just looking to perfect your singing technique, I look forward to taking this creative journey together.


Live Coaching + Q&A


Get personalized support through monthly Zoom call. No more information overload or getting stuck! You get LIVE group coaching - with access to my 30+ years of experience. Look over my shoulder as I give you support to overcome any challenges you have. 

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" I'm going to NYU because of the crazy results of this program

I would not have been here without the training that Philippe has given me. The way he teaches has changed my voice completely. "


- Rebekah, Holland / USA

Won the National Young Arts Award 2021. New York University - Vocal Performance Program



This course is smart, professional, precise, organized, and very open-minded towards singers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Working with Philippe and his content is amazing!  The Live Masterclasses have truly helped me improve and refine my singing techniques. It's amazing to watch Philippe help so many different types of singers progress instantly - whether acoustic, jazz, pop, rock, or metal singers. I'm very happy. 100% satisfied. No regrets. "


- Sammantha Emme, Italy

X Factor contestant 2009-2010. Singer, Songwriter, Producer.



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This course is for:

  • Students 14+

  • Professional Singers

  • Recording Artists

  • Vocal Coaches / Singing Teachers






billed monthly

  • 4 Modules Access
  • Worksheets
  • Guided Video/Audio Exercises
  • Live Coaching Videos with singers
  • Replay from previous Masterclasses
  • Live Coaching + Q&A once a month


Where are you 1 year from today if you don't make a change?

You can stay where you are right now. You don’t make any changes. You keep singing and working on singing like you’re doing now. What are your results? What is your ROI? Do you really want to continue down the same path that got your voice to where it is today? Limited, Held Back, Struggling, Tired, Trapped, Stuck? Knowing intuitively there is a better way?


Now this time you do make some changes, put in some new coordinates, new routes, new information and go!

You have the answers to your questions, the solutions to your problems. You have practiced & developed the right coordinations. You understand the biomechanical design of your voice and how to put it into motion according to its design parameters.Your voice is healthy, strong, powerful, reliable, resilient, consistent, free, resonant & rich. You feel confident about your voice, your singing & are clear on how to continue your progress.

Now ask yourself, sincerely:

Where do you want to be in 1 year time? In 2, 3 years?  What is the best investment of your time & money?

  • Continue on the path that is giving you the results you don’t want. The impossible path.
  • Take a new path of new possibilities. 

Are you finally ready to sing the way you dream of singing? It's time to stop playing small and see real results.

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billed monthly

  • 4 Modules Access
  • Worksheets
  • Guided Video/Audio Exercises
  • Live Coaching Videos with singers
  • Replay from previous Masterclasses
  • Live Coaching + Q&A once a month